LLP Registration

What are the Preliminary Documents required for LLP Registration in India ?

  1. Self-attested copy of PAN Card of all the proposed designated partners.

  2. Self-attested copy of Aadhar Card of all the proposed designated partners.

  3. Self-attested copy of Bank Statement (not older than 2 months) / Voter ID/ Driving License of all the proposed designated partners.

  4. Passport photograph of all the proposed designated partners.

  5. Proof of registered office (Rent agreement and Utility bill - not older than 2 months).

What is the Preliminary Information required for LLP Registration?

  1. Proposed name of LLP (At least 2)

  2. Phone number and email ID.

What are the subsequent documents prepared & send for signatures ?

  1. Subscriber documents.

  2. Consent documents.

  3. LLP Agreement.

What is the Procedure To Register a LLP in India ?

Step 1. Designated partner has to apply for DSC for which self-attested copy of PAN, Aadhar card and photograph is required. Once we have applied for DSC, then you have to do the video verification and mobile verification.

Step 2. Name of LLP has to be reserved by filing form LLP-RUN. There is a provision to apply for 2 proposed name, out of which one shall be approved by the government.

Step 3. Once LLP name is approved, the form Fill LLP (Form for incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership) is to be filled. Along with FiLLiP, subscriber sheet, consent, proof of registered office, proof of identity, proof of address of proposed designated partner has to be attached.

Step 4. After incorporation of LLP, an initial LLP agreement is to be filed within 30 days of incorporation of LLP in Form 3 ( Information with regard to Limited Liability Partnership Agreement and changes, if any, made therein). The LLP Agreement has to be printed on Stamp Paper.