Employee State Insurance (ESI) in India

What is ESI ?

ESIC is the short form for Employees State Insurance Corporation.

The social security scheme under the ESI act which is self-financing in nature is effectively applicable to all factories and other establishments which are covered under this act.

What is ESIC Eligibility Criteria ?

  1. Has a total employee strength of 10 or more and [2];

  2. The monthly wage of such employee does not exceed Rs. 21,000/-.

What is the Information Required to Start the assignment?

Dear clients, please send in below information at our email ca[at the rate of]AeTx.com for us to start working on the assignment.

  1. List of Employees working in the establishment

  2. Address of the establishment

  3. Month wise Employment position and salary

  4. Attendance of Employees.

What are the Documents Required from clients to complete the assignment?

  1. Registration Certificate under the Factories Act or the Shops and Establishment Act.

  2. Registration Certificate for Companies.

  3. Partnership Deed for Partnership Business.

  4. Memorandum of Association of the company.

  5. Articles of Association of the company.

  6. List of the working employees.

  7. PAN card and cancelled cheque of the entity.

  8. Shareholders' list and Directors' list.

  9. Attendance Register of the Employees.

  10. Digital Signature of any Director.

What is the Procedure for ESIC Registration in India ?

  1. Download the Employer’s Registration Form (Form No-1), and fill it.

  2. Download the PDF version of the Form. Submit the form along with the documents.

  3. We need to verify the form. After verification, a 17 digit distinctive number will be issued by the

  4. government.

  5. Employees registered under the scheme get an ESI card after submitting a form with photographs and details of family members.

  6. Although the registration is permanent, and the number is valid for the lifetime of the company, any new changes, such as employee additions, need to be intimated to the ESI.

How much time would it take to execute the assignment?

Usually, the process of registration confirmation will take about 10-15 working days.

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