Trademark Registration in India

What is the information required for Trademark Registration In India ?

  1. Any person which can be individual , company , proprietor or legal entity claiming to be owner of the trademark can apply.

  2. It is mandatory to submit a Power of Attorney at the time of filing the application.The applicant needs to be simply signed by the Power of Attorney ( no legalization or notarization is required).

  3. The trademark application can be filed either claiming usage from a date prior to the date of filing of application or on Proposed to be Used basis.An affidavit along with supporting documents can be filled to file an application claiming usage of the mark in India prior to the date of filing of application.The affidavit needs to be signed by the authorised signatory and notarized by a Notary Public.

What are the Documents Required to do a Trademark Registration in India?

Dear Clients, for trademark registration below, are the documents required and kindly send below documents to ca[at the rate of] for the execution of Task.

  1. Proposed Name/Logo of the TradeMark.

  2. Classification or Description of Good or Services of Business for which Trademark is taken.

  3. Name of person/ entity under whom trademark to be registered.

  4. Address of the Person / Entity

  5. Mobile Number & Email ID to be used to register your trademark.

  6. Demand Draft in Favour of “The Registrar of Trade Mark” payable at New Delhi.

    1. *Individual/Small Enterprise Amount of Demand Draft is INR 5,000/- for each class and for each mark.

    2. *In any other case Amount of Demand Draft is INR 10,000/- for each class and for each mark.

It is advisable to do a trademark in the individual name and then lend the trademark to the company which will be using such a trade name or tradename in case of small companies.

What are the deliverables of Trademark Registration ?

After receiving the above information, the team will prepare the documents and have them signed and submitted to the Authority for the issue of the trademark, from the date of submission of documents you can use work "TM" against your trade name or logo.

What is the process for Trademark Registration ?

  1. Select trademark name depending on the nature of business in official TM Registry.

  2. Prepare the documents required and file for Trademark Registration.

How much time would it take to execute the assignment ?

Trademark Registration is a lengthy process and it takes around 18-24 months without any objections.While the trademark application number is usually issued within one or two days after filing.

* We do not believe in replicating / copy-paste the information already available in abundance on Internet hence please google the process, timeline and all the other things on the Trademark application, however, we would be happy you explain you everything on phone, in case you have made up your mind, for the task executed by us. our contact No is +91 9810555783 or email info[at the rate of] & website