Advisory & help on Indian Directorship Services

Advisory & help on Indian Directorship Services

Every Indian Company mandatory requires to have atleast one Resident Director as par Indian Companies Act, 2013.Professionals directors can be appointed on board with fixed remunerations.The legal position is sometimes described as agents, sometimes as managing partners, and sometimes as trustees.Resident Director will be fully responsible as Normal Director of the Company.We do registration and appointment of directors or officers with the relevant authorities, banks and other institutions.

We are able to fulfil a variety of directorship and officer role types on behalf of the entities of our clients like Corporate governance director , supervisory board member, fund/SICAV director, trustee , resident director , proxyholder/attorney-in-fact , non -executive director, registered agent/process agent.

We at AeTx Consulting Private Limited make sure that

  1. We co ordinate and organize board and other meetings.

  2. Review of financial accounts and business transactions are done tmely.

  3. Bank Account and statutory records are maintained.

  4. Pre - requisite requirement of DIN - Director Identification Number is applied.

  5. All the documents from photograph , proof of identity , residence , date of birth and copy of passport.

  6. Any change in the board of directors complies with the provisions given in the Companies Act of 2013.

Story / Achievement / reaffirmation about our services

AeTx has supported in procuring Directors & Officers liability insurance.We are a single provider of other services like accounting, payroll services, tax compliance in addition to directorship services.We are always in line with the required entries of Register of Directors.We support in attaining digital signature from Certifying Authority in India.The letter of appointment issued to the director mentions all the terms and conditions of appointment and salary to be payable to the director.

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