Income Tax Compliances

Income Tax Compliance

For global businesses accurate tax compliance is very essential. Everyone who earns or gets an income in India is subject to income tax.Every taxpayer is taxed differently under the Indian Income Tax laws. People's incomes are grouped into blocks called tax brackets or tax slabs.And each tax slab has a different tax rate. Apart fro m salary income you need to pay tax on other sources of income too as income from house property , from Capital Gain , business or profession , saving bank accounts, fixed deposits ,family pension or gifts received.Following Income Tax Compliance helps in availing loan facility like home, or personal ; for visa and immigration processing , use it as income proof/Net worth certificate , for claiming excess tax paid via refund, applying for a higher insurance cover.

We at AeTx Consulting Private Limited make sure that

  1. We improve your tax processes therefore provide greater value to your business.

  2. Indirect tax, direct tax,provisions, automation , planning and minimization are met with efficiency.

  3. Income tax is filed per local , GAAP or IFRS statutory standards.

  4. We provide the startups with tax compliance capabilities.

  5. Accurate tax reporting and make sure that you don't have any outstanding obligations.

  6. We provide a transparent tax statement where you client will get an accurrate estimate of tax payable.

  7. We keep a track record of all your tax due dates and refunds in process which saves your time.

Story / Achievement / reaffirmation about our services

AeTx helps you prepare , manage and execute on tax filings within this shifting regulatory environment.With our expertise in various tax compliance we have assisted organisations in integration of their tax data.With good knowledge over legal sections we have added maximum deductions to our clients taxable income.Our clients trust us since we provide latest updates with new policy amendments in tax laws.

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