To-dos Immediately after Company Registration

What is Our Next Step ? Our Company is Registered

Open Bank Account

This is the first step.

Visit Any Bank of your Choice & Ask to Open a Bank Current Account.
We suggest you to open with either ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank or State Bank of India. how ever it completely your choice .

Transfer Share Capital in Bank Account

This is the second step.

Once Bank Account is Open - Transfer the Share Capital Amount from your personal Account to Company Account.

Hold your company First Board Meeting with in 30 Days

This is the third step.

We will help you do that, and we will draft the Board Meeting Resolutions and have it e-mailed to you.

Start Your Business Operations

This is the fourth step.

You can start business from the first day of Company Registration However practically you will be able to do business once bank account is opened.

What are the Documents Required to Open Bank Account Generally

Please Contact Bank for Further Details

New Company Documents (Ref Mails from Government MCA)

  • Company Certificate of Incorporation

  • Company MOA & AOA

  • Company PAN Number

  • Company TAN Number

  • Company Rent Agreement

New Company Board Resolutions

  • Board Resolutions as per Format which will be provided by Bank to be Signed by all the Directors

  • New Bank Account Opening Form of The Bank

  • Any Other Document as per Bank personal

All Directors KYC

  • All Directors Passport size Picture printed.

  • All Directors  ID Poof  - like Passport or Driving Licence 

  • All Directors Address Proof (Please Refer Bank personal since all bank has accept or ask for specif document)

  • Indian Director PAN Card Copy

  • All Director Copy of any Bank account Statement for latest  last 3 Months (Online downloaded PDF File with bank Logo may work depending upon bank)

What are things generally decided in First Board Meeting

We will help you Do this ... Its Our Job.

Company Level Very Important Decisions to take

  • Registered Office Situation & Agreements adoption

  • Appointment of First Directors of company

  • Appointment of First Auditor 

  • Opening of Bank account of Company

  • Authorisation for Signing of documents

  • Directors Salary & Fees Payable if Any

Procedural Company Decision (No Decision involved)

  • Adoption Common Seal 

  • To Issue Shares Certificate

  • Ratification of Pre incorporation contract

  • Allotment of shares

  • Adoption of Memorandum and Articles of Association

  • Appointment of Chairman

  • Approval of pre-Incorporation and pre operative expenses incurred by promoter

  • Adoptions of Financial year of Company

  • Taking note of Disclosure of Interest from Directors for the Financial year.