Documents Required to Open Bank Account in India - All Banks

Exhaustive list of Document Required to Open Bank Account in India

Below are the list documents required to open Bank Account in India. They are in 4 parts

A) Documents Required w.r.t Company Existence: All the below documents to be signed by all directors & attest company stamp

  • Certificate of Incorporation of the company.

  • Company MOA & AOA Copy (Memorandum of Association & Article of Association).

  • Company PAN Card Copy.

  • Company TAN Registration Number Copy.

  • An original hard copy of Board Resolutions as per specific Bank Format.

B) Documents Required from all Indian directors: All below documents to be signed by the respective person

  • Copy of Indian PAN Card.

  • Aadhar Card Copy.

  • Copy of Driving license or Passport or Voter ID or any other government ID Proof.

  • 4 passport size photograph.

C) Documents required from Non-Indian Directors All Below documents must be Notarise & apostle by Indian Embassy in your respective country. however, if we have incorporated by our company then the same must have been done earlier itself. 

  • Copy of Driving Licence or Passport as primary ID proof.

  • Copy of Bank statement or Utility invoice like telephone invoice or Driving Licence as address proof.

  • 4 Passport Size photograph.

  • All the above documentation must be in English, and if not like from China or Russia then get them all converted in English and then have both copies Notarise & apostle. 

D) Documents Required w.r.t Registered Address of Company: These are the documents for company registered address proof singed by all directors & company stamped. 

  • Copy of rent agreement.

  • NOC from Landlord for use of premises for the company.

  • Any government  Utility Invoice like Electricity Invoice or Water bill as proof of ownership of premises.

E. Other Documents Required: Documents need to be prepared, filled & submitted to the bank & Attest Company Stamp.

  • Bank Account Opening Form - Singed by All Directors.

  • Internet banking Form - Signed by all Directors.

  • An original hard copy of Company Board Resolutions Authorising the Director to open a bank account.

  • An original hard copy of Company Board Resolutions Authorising the Director to Operate the bank account (if wishes).

Note: In Case of a Whole owned subsidy or company having foreign directors, few bank exempt company from singing of all the documents by all the directors or exempt directors not in India subject to Company Board Resolutions Singed by All Directors including directors outside India and be given to bank the Original Physical Hard copy as per bank format.