CRM is an “ASSET” for your Business Market Strategy !!!

Stands for Customer Relationship Management . It allows to automate the tracking, communication with current and potential customers. The data analysis manages to get customer’s history and you can stay on top of your potential clients. 

Most Importantly What is one of the Top reason which slows down your sales process ? When you are unaware about the customer’s history.You can only improve your ability to shape the right solution for each customer once you know their history and problems and what perfectly fit their needs.

How can CRM help your Business ?

It improves organization’s marketing to sales alignment. How? After interacting with the new lead you can input even the smallest details related to the lead and interactions throughout the lifecycle to enrich relationships and convert leads to sales.

What information can be stored about the leads in CRM ?

This context database can include leads email , address , phone , contact name and even log notes. Advanced CRM allows automatic alerts and reminders , can set up automated email tracks where the leads can be nurtured all the way through , build customer landing pages etc..

Other Features of CRM ?

  1. SMS Marketing - Follow up with potential customers using the traditional method of communication.

  2. Email/Campaign Marketing - Send instant email(s) or schedule them to be sent later.

  3. Survey Marketing -Let customers fill out product feedback surveys and build the trust

  4. Reports and Dashboards-management can use these reports to make data driven decisions.

How does it works ?

Initiate Lead (First Create the lead and fill in the Client information)=> Lead Qualification(If lead created is worth pursuing ) =>Fix Meeting (Follow up by sending emails which you can put ahead of time=>Calls and  Messages can also be logged at the    same time for follow up )=>Send Company Proposal (If you find opportunity in the prospect)=>Close the Deal.

Which CRM platform to use ?

       Before moving forward in the buying process investigate any CRM platforms specific to your industry. May it be

  1. Packaged Gooods.

  2. Architecture.

  3. Engineering

  4. Construction (AEC) and 

  5. Field Service management

Studies have shown that companies with CRM’s increase their sale upto 29%.So is your Company using CRM ?