15 Tips to manage your Emails like Professional & Build Your Corporate Image & Stand out

1. Ruthlessly - Unsubscribe the e-mails you don't read or waste your time on immediately.

2. In case of Unsubscribe option not there and sender is irrelevant to mark them spam.

3. Email Processing once a day i.e Clean your inbox daily and zero emails in Inbox, either archive or delete or mark imp. or mark start (to reply) in one go .

4. Preferably keep only sales proposal sent in inbox nothing else.

5. Adapt 1-minute rule, when replying, hence not more than 1 minute be preferably spent on 1 email.

6. Preferably open inbox twice only in a day, post lunch and make inbox zero, before leaving from office.

7. Create a ToDeleteEmail Label, and in case any email u wish to delete and also read, move them to this label like news update, new technology.

8. Make & keep updating email id, which needs to be used in the email filter to move them to specific folders like emails ids for ToDeleteEmail & AutoArchive rule.

9. Learn Email shortcuts (must if want to be smartest in the team)

10. Try responding to email within 24 hours for Official emails, and 48 hours from Friends & Family.

11. Change the setting in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and all other social media, as to not send you an email, since they already have their own notifications 

12. Use Auto Archive filters for services email like uber, zomato, swiggy. Amazon, flip cart and all those emails which you don’t want to delete, but also not required to be read.

13. Use auto forward for emails on which your subordinate or teammate need to take actions on.

14. Delete Email & settings from your mobile phone, or keep nonofficial, unpopular or secondary email on your mobile, since reading at times does not help.

15. Use ready to email templates or notes approx 80 % of emails in operations & Sales are repetitive. 

Above are few essential tips for email management however each of us are unique in what will or what won’t work for us so If you are having a hard time with managing your email, give them a shot......and see